Glossary: A useful glossary of Japanese art terms.

Artist Timeline Chart: This chart provides a graphical layout showing some of the more well known artists, their eras and their life spans.


Viewing Japanese Prints: A wonderful resource for information about artists and prints. Well organized, comprehensive and informative.

Immortal Geisha: Highly recommended site for additional information about geisha and maiko. The site includes picture galleries and many in depth essays explaining every aspect of the lives of these magical women. Immortal Geisha also has a sister site Caged Birds which delves into the lives and times of the courtesans who occupied the pleasure quarters of Japan. These two sites and do an excellent job of differentiating between the largely misunderstood lives of both the geisha and the courtesan.

Akiko Takemoto "Bijinga" Art Gallery: Please visit here to see a more complete portfolio including dozens more works from Akiko Takemoto. The website is written mainly in her native language of Japanese, but the visual aspects of her art speaks for itself. We are proud to represent Akiko for those that wish to purchase her works but do not speak Japanese. Works currently offered by Akiko are available in our contemporary bijinga section here.